How it works


SEI knows that for students to succeed, they need more than a drop-in, part time program. They need support before and during class, after the bell rings, and beyond – services the public education system just can’t afford or provide. While class is in session, our full-time, paid service coordinators provide academic guidance and monitor each student’s scholastic achievement, attendance, and behavior. When school lets out, SEI’s instruction continues. We provide homework tutorials, enrichment classes, performing arts, computer instruction, and recreation from Monday through Saturday.


In School Program


5,430 served 2017 - 18

Our In-School Program begins with students as young as the sixth grade. Each student is matched with an In-School Service Coordinator who provides 24/7 case management tracking the scholastic achievement, attendance, and behavior.

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After School Program


1,249 served 2017 - 18

Our After-School Program offers academic support as well as exposure to a variety of classes in the areas of health and wellness, arts and performance, life skills and leadership development.

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Summer Program


1,253 served 2017 - 18

Each summer, we provide five to six weeks of full-day programming. The program emphasizes academic enrichment, recreational activities, involvement in the arts, exposure to the community, and preparation for post-secondary education and employment.

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Schools Uniting Neighborhoods
(SUN) Program


6,084 served 2017 - 18

We manage full-service neighborhood hubs where students and families access educational support, enrichment and recreational activities, skill development, and community involvement programs in 16 schools through contracts with Multnomah County and the City of Portland.

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Parent Involvement Program 


1,246 served 2017 - 18

Provide case management, support, and networking to address potential barriers to maintaining a healthy family environment and a positive home-school relationship.

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Post High Program


365 served 2017 - 18

We believe in continuing to support our students after they graduate high school to help them be successful. We provide support for developing employment and career goals, entering and succeeding in college, as well as financial literacy and basic life skills.

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