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CFP MAIN OFFICE: (503) 285-0493

CFP FAX NUMBER (503)281-6766

  ENERGY HOTLINE: (503) 240-0828

HOUSING HOTLINE: (503)972-3699






homeless housing services

SEI has two homeless housing programs for families: Mobile Housing Team and Project HAVEN. Both programs work with families who are currently homeless in Multnomah County and seeking housing. Homeless families wishing to access these programs must complete an eligibility assessment to be placed on the homeless housing queue. Wait time after completing the assessment and before receiving services can vary greatly. Both programs provide case management to help families address housing barriers and move in to safe and affordable housing, and can provide assistance with rent for 1-12 months.  LEARN MORE


short term rental assistance

SEI receives short term rent assistance dollars for families with school-age children, and or individuals from the African American community whose income meets the eligibility requirements. SEI allocates its Short Term Rental Assistance (STRA) for eligible families and individuals from the following points of contact: Homeless Family System of Care, SEI SUN school sites, internal program referrals and partner agencies as capacity allows. Please call 211 for additional resources.


multnomah stability initiative (MSI)

The Multnomah Stability Initiative (MSI) is for families who are currently stably housed, have children under 18 living in the household, and currently working but underemployed or unemployed but ready, willing and able to work. MSI is not a housing program, instead focusing on supporting clients through long term case management to help them achieve their goals and become fully self-sufficient. Enrollment in MSI is through referrals from other SEI departments, and participants are often connected to Worksource and other community resources.



Through partnerships with Pacific Power and Light, Portland General Electric, NW Natural Gas, and the City of Portland Water Authority, we help families acquire and maintain affordable home energy and utility services. Our program offers eligible clients emergency payments for electricity, gas, oil and water discount. The SEI energy assistance hotline is open most Mondays at 9am until capacity is reached. There is no guarantee of assistance. To access services, please call the Energy Hotline for the most up to date information (503) 240-0828 or 211.   LEARN MORE




Domestic Violence

SEI’s domestic violence program provides services to individuals and families experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. Advocates provide safety planning as well as crisis-oriented services, on-going support to individuals and families, access to individual counseling, and support groups. For immediate assistance, please call the domestic violence hotline: (503) 972-3677LEARN MORE


parent child development services (PCDS)

Parent Child Development Services (PCDS) provide services for families of children (ages 0-6) to promote positive parenting, healthy child development, and school readiness. All child development services include a range of activities designed to promote parent competence and healthy child development. LEARN MORE


Parenting Class

SEI Parenting Class is a 20-week program with individuals participating in discussions with such topics as: teaching through modeling, effective praise, natural and logical consequences, cultural discipline, single parenting, parenting approaches and the developmental abilities of children. LEARN MORE


Parent Support Group

The weekly Parent Support Group provides parents with an safe environment to talk about stresses and effective parenting styles. The group is process oriented and participant lead. LEARN MORE


employment services

CFP offers support for individuals seeking employment.

The Community Works Project is a collaborative project between SEI, IRCO, Human Solutions, NAYA, Urban League and El Programa Hispano designed to empower job seekers on TANF through skills development, resources, and job leads to support their families and find gainful employment through building on each person’s strengths in a diverse community that works. This program is funded through the Department of Human Services (DHS) Self Sufficiency Program.


Community Works Project is for families receiving TANF and seeking support in securing employment and increasing life skills. Referrals must be made through DHS Self Sufficiency Program.


in-home safety and reunification services (ISRS)

In-home Safety and Reunification Services are designed to help stabilize families in crisis and help keep children out of foster care whenever possible. SEI ISRS Coordinators work with the family to provide child safety; stabilize and improve parental protection of the children; and help them access necessary formal/informal community resources and other supports to prevent the child’s re-abuse and/or re-entry to the Child Welfare System. LEARN MORE