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Main Office: (503) 285-0493

Fax: (503) 281-6766

Energy Hotline: (503) 240-0828

Housing Hotline: (503) 972-3699

Domestic Violence Hotline: (503) 972-3698




Housing programs are designed to promote the economic independence of families in Multnomah County who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by helping them access and maintain safe, stable and affordable housing. These programs are funded through Multnomah County, HUD, and Home Forward (formerly the Housing Authority of Portland). LEARN MORE



Through partnerships with Pacific Power & Light, Portland General Electric, NW Natural Gas, and the City of Portland Water Authority, we help families acquire and maintain affordable home energy and utility services. Ou program offers eligible clients emergency payments for electricity, gas, water and oil. Multnomah County coordinates funding through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Oregon Energy Assistance Program (OEAP); Northwest Natural Gas coordinators funding through Oregon Low Income Gas Assistance (OLGA), Gas Assistance Program (GAP); and the City of Portland provides the Water and Sewer Discount. LEARN MORE



The Community Works Project empowers job seekers on TANF through skills development, resources, and job leads to support their families and find gainful employment through building on each person’s strengths in a diverse community that works. This program is funded through the Department of Human Services (DHS) Self Sufficiency Program. LEARN MORE


In-home Safety and Reunification Services (ISRS)

In-home Safety and Reunification Services are designed to help stabilize families in crisis and help keep children out of foster care whenever possible. SEI ISRS Coordinators work with the family to provide child safety; stabilize and improve parental protection of the children; and help them access necessary formal/informal community resources and other supports to prevent the child’s re-abuse and/or re-entry to the Child Welfare System. This program is funded through the Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Welfare Program. LEARN MORE

Domestic Violence Program

Our domestic violence program provides services to individuals and families suffering from domestic violence in Multnomah County, in a way that is compassionate and effective, and adheres to culturally specific and culturally responsive best practices principles. Advocates provide services that include safety planning and face-to-face contact within 24 hours of assignment, as well as crisis-oriented services, on-going support to individuals and families, individual counseling, and a 16-week Seeking Safety class. This program is funded through the State of Oregon, and Federal Pass-through dollars. LEARN MORE


Parent-Child Development Services (PCDS)

PCDS provides services for children (birth through age 5) and their parents to promote positive parenting, healthy child development and school readiness. Using the Parents As Teachers (PAT) framework, all child development services include a range of activities including groups and home visits, designed to promote parent competence healthy child development, with the goals of helping parents become their child’s first teacher and to help children become kindergarten ready. This program is funded through Multnomah County Sun Service System. LEARN MORE


Parenting Class

Using the Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families curriculum we provide individuals with effective skills for successful parenting. Throughout the course of the 20-week program, individuals will participate in discussions regarding such topics as: teaching through modeling, effective praise, natural and logical consequences, cultural discipline, single parenting, parenting approaches and the developmental abilities of children. LEARN MORE


Parent Support Group

The weekly Parent Support Group seeks to reduce instances of child maltreatment by providing parents with an safe environment to talk about stresses and effective parenting styles. The group is process oriented and participant lead, and funded by the Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon. LEARN MORE