G20 Group


In 2013, the Giving 20 (G20) members made a four year commitment to partner with Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) to transform Jefferson High School.  This urban school had low student attainment, poor graduation rates, disenfranchised staff, low morale and imminent school closure was on the horizon.    With the implementation of the “Whole School Model” (WSM), support from G20 and other friends of SEI, Jefferson High School turned around and reached an 80% graduation rate in 2015! 



Thank you G20 for your support in helping us cross the finish line! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!


                 Ron Beltz                   

Jan Turner

John Bradley

Gregg Kantor

Bob Walsh

Peter Stott

Scott Howard

Wayne A. Drinkward

Brian H. Pienovi

Gregory J. Goodman

Steven A. Straus

Robert D. Forster

David A. Thompson

Greg Kubicek

Bart Ricketts

Brett Wilcox