In-Home Safety and Reunification Services (ISRS)


In-home Safety and Reunification Services are designed to help stabilize families in crisis and help keep children out of foster care whenever possible. SEI ISRS Coordinators work with the family to provide child safety; stabilize and improve parental protection of the children; and help them access necessary formal/informal community resources and other supports to prevent the child’s re-abuse and/or re-entry to the Child Welfare System.




Referrals must be made through DHS Self Sufficiency Program


  • Support to families where there is a DHS Child Welfare CPS assessment and/or an open DHS Child Welfare case
  • Provide 16 weeks/60hrs of intensive in-home services

Community & Family Programs

King Facility
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SEI’s Energy Hotline: (503) 240-0828

For all other matters please call: (503)285-0493