Legacy Keepers


SEI’s Legacy Keepers are a group of key philanthropist, who has committed their time, resources and expertise to meaningfully support SEI’s mission, presence and success in Multnomah County.  The Legacy Keepers’ major charitable efforts represent SEI’s mission and services to students, families and community.  For their unconditional faith in SEI’s past, present and future, we are forever grateful to this group of individuals, who have created a philanthropic legacy for SEI.

Mr. Walter Bowen

Mr. Kenneth & Adrianna Carr

Ms. Maribeth Collins

Mrs. Sue Cooley

Mr. Harry & Kaaren Demorest

Mr.Dan & Kathy Harmon

Mr. Bill Harris

Mr. Glen & Marilyn Hart

Mr. Howard Hedinger  & The Hedinger Family Foundation

Mr. Jerry Jones & The So Hum Foundation

Mr. Bob & Sharon Miller

Mr. Ellison & Jill Morgan

Mrs. Vanesa Morgan & Mr. Bob Quillin

Mr. Greg & Janelle Pierson

Mr. Steve & Donna Shepherd

Mr. Bill & Ann Swindell

Mr. Dan & Priscila Weiden