Orlando Williams - FOUNDER & CEO, MOTUS


Orlando has committed more than 20 years to the success of his clients and employees. He began his recruiting career when he was a student athlete at the University of Oregon, serving as an ambassador for prospective visiting athletes. He also served in a high-profile advocacy role as a player and Community Outreach Ambassador of Goodwill for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. From there, he joined Nike in a recruiting role at the World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. It was his time at Nike that introduced him to the corporate staffing model, and he never looked back. Orlando shares, “My previous experience as a professional athlete and working with high performance teams has translated seamlessly to my career today.”

Orlando founded Motus in 2006, and in a short time the company has grown to be one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most respected staffing firms under his hands-on, high-integrity leadership. He attributes his success across a wide scope of careers to his personal approach of “servant leadership.” Orlando’s true desire to see others succeed in their personal and professional endeavors brings a tremendous amount of fulfillment to his life’s work, while also making the company efficient and successful. “When leaders genuinely care about their business and those that work within it, decisions are thoughtful and strategy is designed to inspire and empower those it impacts.”

On any given day, you might see Orlando out in the city, playing basketball, studying the Bible, or enjoying friends and family. Over the Fourth of July, you can catch him watching fireworks at Tom McCall Waterfront Park– one of his favorite Portland traditions.