SEI Families

We help families succeed

SEI continually evaluates program outcomes using a method created for us by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. This custom evaluation monitors changes in grades, school attendance, and behavioral referrals based on report cards, scores on skill tests, values and attitudes, and student interviews. We’ve helped parents learn effective parenting skills and helped families find housing, get connected to a stable job, and access community resources. The support that SEI gives to parents and families in North and Northeast Portland is comprehensive and practical.

In a family member’s own poetic words, SEI made a difference. After participating in SEI’s Domestic Violence program, one mother wrote the following poem to express both her gratitude and growth:

“What I Know Now”

What I know now is
the steps I take will lead to my future.
What I know now is
I deserve to feel love.
What I know now is
My expectations of fear left me in pain.
What I know now is
No one deserves to be hit.

What I know now is
That hurtful words lead to hurt feelings.
What I know now is
My kids learn from my relationships–
healthy or harmful–
they learn from them both.

What I know now is
How to keep myself safe,
How to keep my kids safe.

But most of all I know I am a mother.
A mother of three little girls who will someday be women
and everything I do no matter how small or big will affect them.
Thank you SEI
For showing me my wrong and helping me to find the right
and bring out the good.
Thank you.

~ Essie Butler

Parenting class enlightens and equips

One of the SEI parent coordinators received a remarkable letter of appreciation from a father who had been court assigned to take an SEI parenting class with his wife:

“At first my wife and I were not willing to accept and understand the reason we were there. The understanding took about five parenting classes (to sink in. The parent coordinator) began explaining that parenting is a continual job–things change! The children that were, no longer exist. The respect that was expected must now be earned. There are numerous parenting methods that can be successful. You do not have to hit your child if you use parenting methods. It is not acceptable and it will not work! The SEI Support Group has been very good. It’s an open floor and sometimes a venting session, but when someone brings something to the table that everyone feels, it is so beautiful. To see and hear the feelings that are expressed, to help someone get through it, is worth the ‘inconvenience’ of having to be part of it all. Please let the next parents know that it gets better. SEI got me and my wife out of the system because they know what they are doing and what is needed. Thank you SEI!”

Single parent shares gratitude

“I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity. It’s so easy to tell about the bad, but seldom do we tell of the good. This Center has been such a blessing and help to me and my four sons. The summer incentives you give them helped buy school clothes for years and that helps me so much. Being a single parent, it gets hard, but I know I can always count on support from SEI and I appreciate that so much. I haven’t mentioned all of the Christmas help and Thanksgiving food boxes and since I was in the NCAAN program, my life has changed and I have been doing well ever since. Days are hard at times, but I remember everything I was taught from SEI and I never get turned away anytime I am in need. It has meant so much to my sons to have positive role model.”

~ Tracy and sons