What We Do

The key to turning around our educational system lies in one simple word, "resilience." Kids need a holistic approach. As adults, we can't hope to remove all the negative influences a child faces on a daily basis, but we can focus on building protective factors within our youth. We can give children the opportunity to develop personal skills, confidence, and self-worth - important traits of a highly resilient person - to help them succeed academically and in life, despite their circumstances.


Youth Services

SEI knows that for students to succeed, they need more than a drop-in, part time program. They need support before and during class, after the bell rings, and beyond – services the public education system just can’t afford or provide. While class is in session, our full-time, paid service coordinators provide academic guidance and monitor each student’s scholastic achievement, attendance, and behavior.When school lets out, SEI’s instruction continues. We provide homework tutorials, enrichment classes, performing arts, computer instruction, and recreation from Monday through Saturday.

Family & Community Services

SEI’s Community and Family Programs are designed to provide families with the resources, supports, and wrap-around services needed to help ensure they are safe, stable, and have their critical social, emotional, and economic needs met. SEI’s Community and Family Program’s (CFP) services address economic and race-based disparities by providing a broad continuum of anti-poverty, family stabilization, and employment services that are culturally specific for, African American families and/or culturally responsive for other families in need.


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