Youth Services


Programs that can make a difference

SEI knows that for students to succeed, they need more than a drop-in, part time program. They need support before and during class, after the bell rings, and beyond – services the public education system just can’t afford or provide.


The in-school program

While class is in session, our full-time, paid service coordinators provide academic guidance and monitor each student’s scholastic achievement, attendance, and behavior.


After-school programs and enrichment

When school lets out, SEI’s instruction continues. We provide homework tutorials, enrichment classes, performing arts, computer instruction, and recreation from Monday through Saturday.


Our 6 week summer program engages hundreds of students in classes, music, athletics, field trips, performing arts and internships.



We help high school students go further by helping them study and prepare for college entrance exams, as well as offering financial aid workshops, career exposure and job interview skills classes.



At-risk youth often come from at-risk households. So we offer family resource services such as counseling, parenting classes, energy assistance and housing programs, and other useful training.