We know that risk factors are pervasive, extending their reach into every environment where a child spends time. We believe that we need to offer support wherever the child may need us.

Our model provides the following relational, cultural, and comprehensive support services:

IN-SCHOOL MENTORING & ADVOCACY provided during the school year by In-School Service Coordinators to maintain a consistent presence within the schools they serve.

AFTER SCHOOL, SCHOOLS UNITING NEIGHBORHOODS (SUN) & SUMMER PROGRAMMING presents opportunities for student exposure to a broad range of options including Academics, Health and Wellness, Arts and Performance, and Life Skills.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT PROGRAM works to engage families fully in their children’s progress.

POST-HIGH SCHOOL Coordinators continue to offer mentoring and support as young adults enter
the workforce or post-secondary education; and

COMMUNITY + FAMILY PROGRAMS offer a wide range of services including Parent Child Development Services, Parenting Classes, Housing and Energy Programs, Workforce Development, Domestic Violence Advocacy, among others.